A Few To Start With

As a preface, these are pretty much all of the halfway decent puns that have bubbled in my brain thus far.  It might take a while to build a cache as “strong” as the following.

“When Chickens have had enough of their Leaders they engage in a Coup d’état.”

“It is beneficial for a drummer to snare a good gig.”

“If a magistrate were to bake you cookies you would be getting your just desserts.”

“Building a flood defying boat was Noah’s career arc.”

“A math teacher has to reciprocate the lesson well when teaching fractions.”

“A personal trainer has to work out the details with their clients.”

“A seamstresses’ jokes often have others in stitches.”

“It’s tough for authors to find time to meet for lunch because their days are always booked.”

“A bankers job is to take every customer into account.”

“Lumberjacks’ work orders are often backlogged.”

“Its been found that dry cleaning services fabricate their work.”

“The illiterate are probably still really good at reading between the lines.”

“If Michelangelo had a bad day he probably had eaten an artichoke.”

“When a heart has broken the law there is often a warrant issued for its cardiac arrest.”

“A hairdresser and their client always amicably agrees how to part ways.”

“Someone who prunes bushes would be a decent gambler as they would probably hedge their bets.”

“Judges decisions’ are arbitrary.”

“A Priest’s job often gets a lot of praise.”

“Landscaper’s are very down to earth.”

“An excellent miner’s work is as good as gold.”

“A CPA’s workload is taxing.”

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