The Mission Explained – Part III – The Discussion

The third part of this lengthy explanation attempts to present what the mission is about in a way that some of the further discussions will be presented…

In the real world there is no such thing as a Utopia. There are some really great places to live, but not a place where everyone is equally happy at the highest level.  In a digression, the case could be made that without ever any pain, there can be no happiness but that is for another time.  Likewise, there is no such thing as pure anarchy.  There has never been an area where, for an extended period of time, some leader did not rise up over some faction.  If there was a time where that happened and a pure anarchy existed perhaps some might even consider that a Utopia, again a different discussion.

I contend, that at least for me, there its only one secure refuge to feel completely confortable, happy, or to get away from it all. This place exists inside my own head, just thinking, me and my thoughts.  Its a great place to escape, truly be one’s self.  To achieve this all one has to do is think.  Thinking in it of itself -and not even about anything in particular- is a great way to be somewhere else even for a few seconds.  Maybe there are hundreds, thousands or even millions that feel the same way.  Maybe if there was a place where people jet-setting off to their own thoughts could gather in a place where others are doing the same thing. Maybe in gathering all of these people and ideas a Utopia would have finally been created.  Either that or pure anarchy.

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