Too Many Tasty Tacos


It’s a challenge to escape the aura of this fast-food shrine.

I might eat at Taco Bell too often, or enjoy it too much.  In any event I think that I may have a taco problem.  I do not believe that there is an actual disorder named after being addicted to Taco Bell and their delicious fare.  Truth be told I certainly did not research this for fear that there was.  I do not want to go to TBA (Taco Bellaholics Anonymous) , I want to keep eating Chalupas.

Dr. Phil might say I have a problem with the tacos.

So what has me considering that I have hit rock bottom?  Well reviewing the past two months of my taco intake, I had actually weened myself off of the nacho cheese saucy stuff pretty good.  I went almost 3 weeks without the T6, not a bad feat.  Everything was going well in the not partaking of ingesting flavors of food named after the geology responsible for forming the Hawaiian Islands.  Alas, the allure of fast hot lunch with a refreshing Rhode Island sized Mountain Dew is more than a weak man can take.  Taco Bell was back in my life, much to the chagrin of my blood pressure.

Even though all of this I was still keeping the supreme option of tomato, cheese, and sour cream cravings to a decent minimum.  Then it happened.  A perfect storm of McDonald’s launching the 20th edition of its genius Monopoly promotion, rekindling my relationship with potato burritos, and sleeping.  In the midst of a dream that I do not know the context of, I discovered something extraordinary.  Taco Bell was the great American fast-food chain blast marketing us with a promotional game based upon something that was created to serve as a distraction from the Great Depression in the 1930’s.  Not even desiring to add properties together, I just wanted to peel away the chance to win more and more tacos.  I gave them to friends.  I was buying tacos, in hopes of winning more tacos, and then putting them in the refrigerator to save for later.  (Yes in the fridge and don’t laugh, the tacos actually hold up really well.  Not my idea, got it from a college roommate, and it works.)  Alas the seemingly endless Nirvana of gratis tacos came to an abrupt end at daylight, and it was back to a world where only burgers and fries reserved the chance to replicate themselves via a limited time promotion.

“Oops, I spent all of my money on Beef Supreme Chalupas.”

The frighting realization that my mind pieced together this scenario while I wasn’t even awake, suggested to me that I might have a problem.  However, as long as those delicious menu items continue to tempt in just a short run for the border, those tasty tacos will be on my mind.

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