The Mission Explained – Part II – The Author

There is reasoning behind dividing the explanation into multiple parts.  The primary factor is that at some point I was going to have to exclusively write in the first person for an extended portion, something I am not particularly fond of.  This means it gets separated   as to not disrupt the rest of it.  Whenever people indulge in any type of media, it seems as though there is a need to know the author’s motives, or spend the experience trying to figure them out.  This can take the place of actually getting anything from the piece.  In Part Two of my mission explanation I will attempt to show that the motive I have is a place for people to read and think and why this is the case.

First I will begin by saying that I have had a great life, probably one of the best ever.  I would even go so far as to say that my life could be ranked just behind all of the Royals, Aristocrats, and Corporate Leaders.  I have had constant shelter, indoor plumbing, sometimes air-conditioning, and lived in an era of refrigeration and too many other technological advancements in the past 20 years to mention.  Considering that last sentence I have possibly had it better than some Kings or at least feudal lords, but I digress.  I also understand that in the past 50 years some have had it as good or better than me, and many others much worse.  While elaboration of this point could go on, its hopefully a small window into not necessarily the topics I want to write about, but more where I am coming from when doing so.

The next piece about myself are the people and places that I have encountered, shaping how and why I think about so many various topics.  I have had the fortune to travel and live in many different places, from small towns to large metropolitan areas.  These experiences have given me the opportunity to meet, associate, and befriend many different types of people.  I believe that by being around all of these different places and people it has at least given the process I use to think about anything, a wide ranging perspective.

Lastly I would like to discuss how my education and overall demeanor affect and shape the mission.  To begin, I do not believe, in fact I am well aware of the fact that ‘Mensa’ status is one that myself is never going to achieve.  I am also not a journalist or trained writer by any stretch of any definition of those two words.  On the other hand, I have been fortunate enough to have a solid enough education where I can formulate some thought provoking ideas and even paragraphs.  Its my hope that my work will be able to resonate with as many people as possible.  However, the other side to this is that I have a wide range of emotions and moods, often times predicated on nothing more than some amount of time has passed.  Prefacing these two points are important to note when it seems tough to understand why, how and what is being added to this space.

Hopefully this section has provided some perspective into who I am, so that understanding what the goal is for the content.


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The Mission Explained – Part I – The Foundation

There is the realization that corporations, organizations, and institutions – not individuals starting up new websites – are the entities that generally create mission statements.  The fact that one has been published in no way suggests thoughts of self grandeur.  In fact it is quite the contrary, but that will be covered in another piece.  It can be derived from the short paragraph that no real parameters have been set for this space.  However, there is a foundation that is desired to be built upon so that the end goal can be achieved in what is perceived to be the best way possible.  Part One of explaining the mission statement focuses on the foundation and the three pillars hopefully always adhered to in rationality, logic, and conceptualization.

Rationality is meant in terms of rational thought, in fact quite the contrary.  Sometimes the topics, or the way something is explained is going to be perhaps somewhat out there.  However, that does not mean the writings or ensuing discussion need to include people being irrational with each other.  There are not many productive conversations that include shouting, name calling, or anything of that nature.  This space will strive for a high level of decorum through the inevitability of different ideas, perspectives, and thought process.

Logic does not necessarily mean that content is always going to have iron-clad grounded reasoning behind it (see above).  However, the content produced, and following conversation, should have a standard where there is some basis of structure or continuity.

Conceptualization is going to be a major aspect of the content.  The writing produced will take a mostly conceptual form (the author’s mind heavily operates in this capacity) which is desired to create a more open-ended and possibly more entertaining atmosphere.

While these three different words and their intended meanings have been presented separately, there is a connection probably already figured out.  Being that most of the writing will be conceptual in nature, any topic can bubble a wide range of emotion and disagreement.  Therefore it is a major responsibility to produce respectful content (the qualifier here is that not all people are happy all of the time) but when there is a difference in opinion or underlying philosophy about a topic, it is argued out in a productive manner.  Utilizing logic in a conceptual platform can present a major challenge (even more than keeping everyone happy perhaps) but is a nice high bar to set.  If all three come together, there is a strong possibility that -while not always agreed upon- well formulated conclusions can be fleshed out, creating a victory for thought, and everyone involved.

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The Mission

The mission of this site is to create a space if not a forum for open thought, qualifying that said thought have a level of decorum towards all peoples.  Further, the goal is to maintain a fluidity in that an open-ended number of topics will be broached.  In addition the hope that these topics crosshatch multiple forms of reasoning however their roots.  The end purpose for the building of this discussion in such a manner, is to provide the kindling for perpetual thought for all that engage.

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A Few To Start With

As a preface, these are pretty much all of the halfway decent puns that have bubbled in my brain thus far.  It might take a while to build a cache as “strong” as the following.

“When Chickens have had enough of their Leaders they engage in a Coup d’état.”

“It is beneficial for a drummer to snare a good gig.”

“If a magistrate were to bake you cookies you would be getting your just desserts.”

“Building a flood defying boat was Noah’s career arc.”

“A math teacher has to reciprocate the lesson well when teaching fractions.”

“A personal trainer has to work out the details with their clients.”

“A seamstresses’ jokes often have others in stitches.”

“It’s tough for authors to find time to meet for lunch because their days are always booked.”

“A bankers job is to take every customer into account.”

“Lumberjacks’ work orders are often backlogged.”

“Its been found that dry cleaning services fabricate their work.”

“The illiterate are probably still really good at reading between the lines.”

“If Michelangelo had a bad day he probably had eaten an artichoke.”

“When a heart has broken the law there is often a warrant issued for its cardiac arrest.”

“A hairdresser and their client always amicably agrees how to part ways.”

“Someone who prunes bushes would be a decent gambler as they would probably hedge their bets.”

“Judges decisions’ are arbitrary.”

“A Priest’s job often gets a lot of praise.”

“Landscaper’s are very down to earth.”

“An excellent miner’s work is as good as gold.”

“A CPA’s workload is taxing.”

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